Therapeutic Values ​​of Traveling with Your Family – Overcoming Your Fear of Flying


For parents raising young children and babies, there is often the feeling that they are trapped and imprisoned in their own homes, waiting for the time when the children are old enough to actually go somewhere. Reflections on how difficult the journey could be, along with the estimated costs, cause most parents to wait with their entire family later in life. There are also times in life when travel may not fit your schedule, such as when you're close to deadline, etc.

At a young age, I was fortunate to be able to travel abroad because of my modeling / commercial acting career. My start was a little noisy because of a bad experience and I realized that I would need to seek professional help. I had a debilitating fear of flying when I was younger because I personally witnessed a horrific plane crash when I was a kid. I would squeeze, struggle with breath, suffer from hot flashes, cold sweat, have stomach problems, diarrhea and even break out in hives days before the flight out of my subconscious fear that I would experience the same fate.

I found a wonderful doctor who specialized in hypnosis therapy back in the 80's, when I first started traveling long distances to the far reaches. I will never forget his method that worked so well, I still use it today. This doctor taught me to relax, take a breath, close my eyes and visualize a happy place.

My lucky place was on the beach where I grew up as a kid. The sand was white, the waves were rolling lightly, and the breeze was soft with the smell of salty sea. I could hear the sounds of seagulls making fun of the sounds and even feel the warmth of the sun on my skin as the rays of the sun danced on the water. As a kid, I always felt safe, warm and happy on the beach, and so it became my visually happy place as an adult, as well as my passport for happy airplane travel around the world. When I ever feel fear or pain (like when I give birth), I travel back to my visual happy place on the beach and manage to calm my fears and actually enjoy the drug-free experience.

We are now expecting our fourth child, and given the fact that I am delivering so fast (my third child was born in 45 minutes!) It is not good for me to travel too far from home all after giving birth. So I turned my house into a hotel. It's funny, but after traveling most of my life, there are some aspects around hotel rooms that I simply love. I decided to incorporate these aspects into my own home. Now we have breakfast – Marriott buffet style. My bathrooms are designed to fit 5 star hotels, have a plush carpet and all the details that make a hotel stay so fun. Our linens are actually purchased from hotel vendor websites and are favored by a cool, crisp white hotel. I literally brought the hotel experience home.

When our fourth child is born this December, we are thinking of traveling to Ireland next year. I understand that there are rugged cottages and even booth stalls that a family can rent in a week. Since we now live in our style hotel, we are excited to stay somewhere different, like Abby in the castle or the beach cottage.

Traveling is and should be fun. I am so grateful to have overcome my fear of flying that I could continue to travel near and far while sharing the world with my family. Find your happy place and go!

Happy travels!


How to happily travel with your children


"And it's a wonderful thing about a family trip: it gives you experiences that will forever remain locked in the scar tissue of your mind." ~ Dave Barry

Yes, the idea of ​​traveling the world as a family is a terribly romantic term; one that is not really as much fun in reality as it is in imagination. I traveled with two little boys halfway around the world, swore I would never do it again, and then repeated it a year later …. go figure! The point is, if you like to travel, whether you want to travel, whether you have children or not. Here are some things I found that changed my world.

Traveling by car

If possible, plan your trip while the kids usually sleep. If this is not possible, rest assured that they will be able to run around and get rid of some energy before the trip, and even during the journey, when taking breaks for the body.

Avoid giving them sugary drinks and eating – sounds obvious right? Carrot sticks, water biscuits, dried fruits, marmite sandwiches cut into bite-sized pieces.

Make sure you have a variety of books and things you can have fun with … try not to give them to kids at once. Maximize playing time with each new toy manufactured. Put each toy in a box, pencil bag, wrapping paper, etc. to increase their fascination with the subject and increase the playing time – We need to be smart!

If you have noisy games such as a children's laptop, DVD player, MP3 player, etc., make sure you pack extra batteries and headphones to provide a more peaceful experience for adults.

Older children will enjoy following the route on the road map. It always helped me when I was younger to judge how long we were sitting in the car and I eliminated the question "Are we still here?"

Regardless of the age of the children, it will probably be worthwhile to put a picnic basket or something in between to exchange space for each child!
Of course the children will not be happy to just sit in the car having fun throughout the trip. You will no doubt be asked to play the proverbial "Eye-Spy". If you don't know how to play, find out on my website. It may be worth it while you have a few extra games up your sleeve when "Eye Spy" is no longer fun. You can learn some other fun games like "cricket" and "uses for".

A damp cloth is a must in a picnic basket. And sunbathing for children's side windows.
A small bottle of ginger ale or ginger biscuits is great for motion sickness, and of course the traveler feels much better when they are not reading and prefer to concentrate on the path ahead.

One idea I turned out to be a disaster ….. we traveled pretty late into the night but the boys were still awake. I thought I'd entertain them briefly, and after dinner, they would fall asleep. I bought them torches so they could read their books in the dark. It sounded perfect. The reality was that they constantly shone the torches in Dad's rearview mirror, which annoyed him as he concentrated on the trip – their torches were seized early in the trip, and they did not want to sleep regularly. bedtime !! Sometimes our best laid plans fail … so moms, torches are NO-NO! J

If you have some time on your hands, I had fun making felt sheets filled with zippers and buttons, presses and lace images that will entertain my children by twisting, tying, attaching and creating. If you like some ideas on what to add, let me know and I'll make a list of what I've done …

Air travel

This is fun … all the queues where toddlers don't understand the concept, have to go through metal detectors themselves, it seems an absolute age that you have to wait at the departure gate and then board the family. the first being that you have to keep your children in a cramped space longer than any other passenger! A word of warning, snap at the last possible moment and store their bottles as long as possible – otherwise everything went well before the plane even took off. When you need to even out their eardrums, you have no more bottles and their diaper needs to be changed already!

Probably the best contraception I've ever used at the airport is one of those little kids' guides that connects a parent to a child. Although I got strange looks from some passengers, my son was able to stretch his legs at the airport without worrying about him escaping or skipping ahead in line. They also allowed me both hands to find passports and fill out paperwork. The stroller was another useful handle. When my son got tired of walking, he could sit or sleep comfortably, and while walking, I had somewhere to put my luggage!

As with car travel, pack small sugar-sized treats and plenty of small toys for rest and fun. Keep in mind that you are also tired while traveling, so the more prepared you are, the easier it will be for everyone. I do not condone the use of medicines to relax or force children to sleep, however, if you do decide to do so, be sure to try it before you begin your journey. I had the opportunity to travel alone as I so decided to take a sleeping pill to help me sleep through the long flight, luckily I tried it at home first, as it knocked me out from 7pm and again I was only at 12 in the afternoon! It was a very scary experience. I would also advise that your child become accustomed to guidance before traveling, although it is less restrictive than holding it in your hand, it is very restrictive for young children when they are used to running freely.

Happy travels

PS: Feel free to share your experiences with me. If you have games and ideas for improving the quality of travel of other parents, especially based on your own experiences, please share them with me.


Tax exemption while traveling


I recently gave a tech presentation in Bangkok to a group of family business members. And while the materials and discussions afterwards were enlightening, I eagerly wanted to see some of this great city.

A group of us went to Skybar. It was incredible. The view was amazing. The people (except me, of course) were dead, wonderful, and the atmosphere electric. I had one night in this city and wanted to really experience it.

Guys with me were also present at my seminar. The conversation was bypassed, but inevitably returned to the way our work tried to influence families bordering abroad – and Asia in particular.

Then it was time to buy a drink for the group.

The beer cost AUD $ 25.

And there were 16 of us.

Double unch.

Anyway. I tucked it in and bought a round. At no stage could I make a runner on the group. First, it's not cool, and second, it would be a kiss of death for any young man.

But the question hangs. Is it fair that I charged these costs to my business? How do you make sure everyone is equal? How do you balance the needs of different owners? Can I get a tax deduction? And how do you keep receipts for all this stuff?

Please enter a term for travel allowance. These things basically take away the need to keep your bills while traveling, so tax time comes when your life for managing a family business is a lot easier.

So what is a travel allowance?

It is a payment to cover expenses while an employee is traveling outside the home for work. Travel allowance usually covers the cost of meals, incidental stay and accommodation in Australia, but only the cost of meals and incidentals while abroad – and should not be supported by tax invoices.

You can pay the travel allowance to any employee even if he or she is not getting paid. This is important in a family business, as family members are often employed by directors but do not receive a flat pay PAYGW.

What is the travel fee?

Each year, the tax office issues guidelines on how much the allowance can be for a person. Current add-on rates are on TD 2016/13 and most people find the rates relatively generous.

And the rates have been spaced out to allow different degrees of seniority at the family business to be identified.

The main benefit

If you are paid bona fide during the trip, you can claim a tax deduction for the same amount without withholding proof of proof.

This is important. Most often, people, especially family members, will waive their tax deduction because it is simply "too difficult". Receipts will also be lost and receipts could be in another country, so they are borderline useless in understanding what you did some time back.

The word "bona fide" is important. You must incur expenses related to your trip.

So, if you have decided to stay at a friend's house in Sydney for free and have not paid for your trip, you cannot claim a travel allowance.


Another benefit of a travel allowance is that it provides a family member with a level of privacy. Sometimes in a family business, family details can get pretty involved. Mothers could watch every little thing and control might become more dense. So, if a family member has spent a little too much one night – it's good to know that the allowance simply covers the cost without "shaking off" with insincerity.

You have not been charged

Just because the tax office sets the maximum rate of travel allowance does not mean that you have to pay that amount to employees of your family business. This is the maximum rate. Your family business can choose how much staff will pay while traveling.

Of course, the words "bona fide" mean that the payout must be realistic, not tax fiction. Paying your staff $ 6 a day for lodging, food and taxi is not a blessing.

A travel tax does not stop your legal tax claim

Of course, there are many legitimate reasons why you made more during the trip than the amount specified by the Tax Office.

In this case, you simply add up the actual costs incurred while traveling and you claim this as a tax deduction – either in person or through your family business. The travel allowance for them is to mitigate income. It does not stop you from claiming legitimate expenses.

Do you travel?

Most often, the concept of travel is quite simple. However, where a person goes on an extended trip can become confusing – at what point does the person simply travel through the city as opposed to living in the city?

The tax office has a general directive that if you are away from home for less than 21 days – you will be traveling.

This guide is of course and varies depending on the facts. So, if you say, a country sales agent at a family business you may be out of the house for 6 months – but you only sleep two nights in one city.


Important – The concept of traveling among family members is sensitive. Petty jealousy can occur from family member to family member. Travel is often seen as a "convenience" to work in the family business by some and another task.

If you are dealing with a family business – write a family member and travel policy. Make it clear who can and can't and what the decision is based on. If this is really because they are family friendly – leave it at that. Also, if traveling people are doing it in a family business simply to make the family business great – articulate it clearly and talk about it among families.

Using family travel benefits creates a level playing field for everyone and makes it tax efficient. This can be significant for a family business with significantly more than a few extra dollars in tax deduction.


Discover the best travel destination in Mexico with this game


First I have to say that any place in Mexico or a travel destination you choose will not be disappointed; this is a game / test to help you figure out where to book your next trip to Mexico, based on your favorite activities, things you love to do on vacation and what you are.

Do you like legends and mysteries, archeological sites or adventure seekers? Are you looking for secluded places or quiet beaches in Mexico where you can play with your children? Are you a business traveler or a luxury lover? … And as for the lover … Looking for the most romantic place in Mexico for your honeymoon?

For each question, choose the option that best describes your personality and discover which part of Mexico is reflecting …

To know which destination for your trip to Mexico is right for you, think about the answer number that fits your choice, write on a piece of paper and read the related profile below.

(Example – if you select multiple answers that correspond to "one", you can read the number of profiles "one")

Good luck…

Who would you like to bring with you on vacation in Mexico?

  1. friends
  2. My partner
  3. My family
  4. Colleagues, business partner
  5. Who wants to come
  6. himself

Which of these activities do you prefer?

  1. Water sports
  2. Riding on the beach
  3. Visit theme parks
  4. Golf
  5. Archeological travels
  6. Bird watching, jungle exploration

Choose among these mental images, who do you want more of?

  1. Practice surfing, parasailing, kayaking, water skiing, scuba diving, scuba diving or fishing and get ready for an exciting nightlife
  2. Help with romantic sunsets, dining on the beach with fresh lobster, great hotel suites with all amenities …
  3. Play with the kids on a quiet beach and bring them to the theme park
  4. Lie down and relax all day on a lounger by the pool or by the sea, sipping on a colorful cocktail and receiving a wonderful beach massage
  5. Refresh yourself under the waterfall, after a long walk in the woods, admiring nature
  6. Move a tree branch and have ancient ruins in front of you, or visit museums, colonial cities and discover the history of Mexico

Which of the Spanish words below most inspires you?

  1. Fiestas
  2. I Amor
  3. ole
  4. Gracias
  5. maravilloso
  6. chido

Choose from these characters

  1. Pancho Villa
  2. Zorro
  3. Speedy Gonzalez
  4. Zapata
  5. Pakal
  6. Stephens or Caterwood

Which of the following color contrasts do you prefer?

  1. Turquoise blue – yellow
  2. Orange – Red
  3. All colors
  4. Black and white
  5. Red – green
  6. Green – Blue Porcelain

Choose the transportation you like best

  1. motorcycle
  2. Car
  3. a bike
  4. Airplane
  5. Train
  6. On foot

Profiles and Mexican Travel Destinations ….

  1. Rest on energy – You are young (not necessarily of age), dynamic and athletic, with an incredible desire to enjoy the minute by minute of your vacation in Mexico! Sea and nightlife should be an important element of your vacation.
    The best places in Mexico for your vacation are:

    Cancun, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Acapulco, Los Cabos, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta

  2. Romantic places – "An eternal dreamer, a lover of love …" If what you are looking for is a place where you create unforgettable memories with your loved ones, sipping delicious cocktails while nibbling on it, watching a beautiful sunset or walking hand in hand with a peaceful and pristine beach. The most romantic destinations of Mexico at any time of the year are:
    Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo, Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Costa Alegre, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Isla Mujeres, Hol Box (secluded)
  3. Mexican Family Vacations – It is not always easy to determine your destination for family travel. Consider the needs of your children and choose a place that will allow them to have fun together in a safe and refreshing environment. … but don't forget that these are your vacations too! Much thought and preparation has gone into developing Mexican attractions that will be of interest to family members of all ages, as it is important to understand that fun moments during your family vacation in Mexico give you the energy to continue loving and winning the day-to-day confidence of your children. We suggest you consider the following trip to Mexico for you and your family:

    Maya Riviera, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Acapulco, Huatulco, Mexico City, Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel

  4. Relaxing, business and luxury travel – We live in a world of jet fuel, where relaxation is a luxury! Life is not just about stress and work, sometimes it needs to be enjoyed! Do you have an important conference and are looking for the best environment and luxury hotels ?! Any ideas on some body treatments at the beach spa?

    These are the best destinations that can offer you all of this:

    Playa del Carmen, Mexico City, Riviera Maya, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Monterrey, Costa Alegre, Los Cabos

  5. Eco adventures and natural vacations – In Mexico you can feel the love of nature and wildlife with their spectacular scenery, enchanting mix of high mountains, unlimited beaches, huge rainforests, incredible variety of amazing animals of all colors and shapes, volcanoes, cenotes, waterfalls, unique and rare plant species, but mostly amazing tours to discover all this … So if you love Mother Nature, there is no better place! Ideal places for Mexico are:

    Chiapas, Aguascalientes, Morelia Michoacan, Villahermosa, Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, Copper Canyon, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Cozumel, HolBox, Chihuahua

  6. Historic Travels in Mexico – Enthusiastic about culture, history and curious about other people's way of life, and an artist on the inside … Staying with you is always a pleasure, which is why we recommend a few historical Mexican spots. Mexico's history is about a country full of civilizations and change. The emotion provided by marvelous archeological sites (the indelible memory of pre-Columbian civilizations, wounded in the jungle), colonial cities, museums full of all kinds of memories of past epochs is something you cannot miss! I believe that everywhere you go to Mexico there are interesting things to see. You will never feel alone here …

    Book your vacation in Mexico at: Merida Yucatan, Mexico City, Chiapas, Palenque, Riviera Maya, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, La Paz, Queretaro, Villahermosa, Taxco

Mexico is a country with diverse landscapes, ranging from snowy volcanoes and lush jungles to ancient Mayan ruins and golden beaches. Tourists can enjoy everything from swimming with dolphins to cultural events. With jungles to the south, deserts to the north, stretches of beach along the Pacific and Caribbean shores and magnificent mountain ranges in central Mexico, history and traditions at every corner, it's obvious why Mexico is one of the most versatile vacation destinations in the entire world!

Enjoy as much as you can during your vacation in Mexico.


A luxury trip as a family


Being a family doesn't mean a luxury trip, you need to put elegant hotels and a jet set to one side. Although some of the best boutique hotels in the world offer more couples than children, there are plenty of family-friendly fall pads in town and in the country that will make your vacation experience lavish! After all, who deserves a bit of luxury more than stressed parents?

First of all, luxury hotels have an excellent reputation for personal service – and this can be turned into family-friendly facilities. Many high-end hotels have a concierge that can arrange childcare or babysitting while adults enjoy a Michelin starred dinner, or an extra crib or bed to add to a room to transform into a family suite.

In addition, the recreational and recreational activities available can be perfect for children. What doesn't a young man like to do in the infinity pool or in the hot tub on the balcony? Tennis courts, golf courses and beaches will also keep them happy.

The best destinations for luxury travel with kids

1. Although long flights may be an experiment with very young children, luxury Caribbean hotels are at the top of the list, as many offer a private villa instead of a room. With all the amenities of a five-star hotel (and not the inconvenience of self-catering apartments, which are usually designated for families), as well as the privacy and space you will find at home, these types of equipment are ideal for travelers with children. Buy resorts with private pools and BBQ facilities (which should also come with a free cook from the hotel) to keep your family in splendidly luxurious isolation.

2. Europe can be a daunting prospect as a family (what does a three-year-old want to spend the afternoon in an art gallery?), But it's also a good place to find old-fashioned hotels that treat each guest as royal – even those little monsters, Avoid stuffy, minimalist places and deal to city hotels with a long reputation or self-catering resorts on the coast. Small enough, manageable and picturesque for all the family, Santorini and Malta are the best places to consider.

3. Although you can best stay away from modern city buildings in Canada and the US, country retreats can be a great alternative – and may not mean slipping luxury. Kids can relax outdoors while parents pamper themselves at the spa or perhaps enjoy a wine tasting in the Napa Valley. Don't just think about summer vacations – a snowy winter holiday filled with sleighs and sleds (and brandy by the fire, of course) offers family-style fun.


Why East Africa is the perfect family destination


School holidays are about four times a year and every time you want to entertain your kids and occasionally treat them with something really special. Well, today I present the ultimate holiday treat for the whole family! Family trips are often focused on a destination suitable for children, but there can be little difficulty for parents. East Africa is NOT such a destination – it offers plenty for everyone from your elementary school son to his grandmother.

East Africa has so many activities for all ages. Many people only think about the typical safari, watching animals from safari vehicles. When parents think of vacationing for their young children, spending days in the car does not sound appealing. But there is so much more! At Lake Naivasha you can ride a bike in Hells Gate National Park. In Maasai Mara and Serengeti you can go in a hot air balloon. Many lodges have pools to break the big game drive day. In most places in the region, you can head to the beautiful vantage point for the sun owner. Walking safaris are available in Central Kenya, Lake Naivasha and Lake Eyasi in Tanzania. Or maybe a boat ride to Lake Baringo, Lake Victoria, Lake Kivu (in Rwanda) or the Nile River in Uganda. At the Nile Source in Jinja, Uganda, teens can go white water rafting downstream while elders relax on a hillside for a lunch cruise!

I mentioned earlier that parents tend to worry about their young kids spending full days in the car. What if they are bored? What if they need a toilet? Oh, that could be a disaster. Wrong! There are ways to make game drives fun and entertaining by playing either hunting or trail hunting or getting them to fill out a field guide if they are a little older. This will keep them engaged and interested in finding the next animal. You could get rewards for the most insightful find of the day. And anyway, the animals you see are lions and elephants and giraffes! One family took their two children, ages 3 and 5, on a safari and they prepared their guide that they might have to shorten things if the kids got rotten. But that never happened. The kids were thrilled to see the animals and they lasted all day!

Meeting local people and learning how to live is a fantastic experience for all generations. But there are a lot of problems in East Africa and life is really different from what we are used to in the West. We have witnessed a profound impact on teenagers, especially when communicating to children of their own age living in slums or Maasai villages. Visiting community-based organizations and viewing their projects can inspire young people to start thinking about how they can make a difference in this world. We had family groups that visit schools and donate books. Other families have visited traditional villages and it is so much fun to see the children playing despite the language barrier.

So, if you're starting to think it might be okay to find the things you need to do, but now start thinking about logistics. Where will you stay? How will you travel? Again you were covered by East Africa. Many accommodations have family rooms. We also understand that traveling with family can be expensive, so if you are traveling on a budget, consider camping. It's really exciting camping in national parks listening to the sounds of the bush around you at night! In terms of transportation, there are a number of vehicle sizes, depending on how many you have. A typical safari van or Land Cruiser seats 6-7 passengers, but if you want to bring your extended family on a multi-generational trip, you can rent an overhead truck.

The biggest concern of families considering coming to East Africa is safety and security. When you book through a reputable tour operator, you will be fully followed by reputable local guides. By booking a complete safari package and paying in advance for everything, you don't have to carry that much cash on you. And remember that national parks have never been the target of terrorists or criminals – big cities are much more lucrative for them. On safari you will spend most of your time in national parks, and minimal time in cities, so you reduce the risk of meeting these bad guys.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to build amazing memories together. You can use it to celebrate a special occasion – for example, we in Kenya have reunited with a family group to celebrate Grandpa's 70th birthday. Nonetheless, a family vacation in East Africa is an event off the to-do list that no one will ever forget.


What are the benefits of a family vacation?


When it comes to booking a vacation for the whole family, it can be difficult to find something that meets the needs of everyone in the group. Not only is it necessary to find something that makes both mom and dad happy, but also to choose a destination that will have plenty of activities to ensure that the kids are entertained.

For this reason, many vacation companies now offer a huge range of family holidays, each designed to remove stress from the experience and ensure that everyone has the best time during the holidays. Here are some of the benefits of booking this type of package tour.

First – and this is almost needless to say – one of the biggest benefits of booking a family-friendly tour is that there is a lot less hassle involved in the whole experience. A family vacation usually involves looking for flights, finding the right hotels, planning activities to keep everyone happy and much, much more.

Asking your travel agency to find the best family resorts that include everything and include all the details of a vacation, you unload the stress associated with booking a vacation for professionals. The agency will not only ensure that all travel and accommodation is organized, but also take care of all other essentials, such as dining, activities and transfers.

This can be especially helpful when traveling with children; many travel agencies are aware that parents put their children's safety first when traveling abroad, and will ensure that the hotel is safe for children, that there are dining options for children, that families sit on transportation, and more.

Another great advantage of booking such a family vacation is that it is much easier to calculate than planning your own vacation. While it may seem that prices can increase exponentially, when you add meals, lodging, flights, transfers, activities, and more to your list of things to pay for, a package tour will include all of these things at one fixed fee.

As a result, it becomes much easier to plan your travel expenses and then organize how much extra money you will need on top of everything. Therefore, it is difficult for you to overstretch your expenses so that you can sit and relax on your vacation without having to worry about overstretching your budget or not.

Another benefit of booking a family-friendly tour is that it can give you the opportunity to try a variety of activities that you might not otherwise be able to do. Instead of exploring what to do, the travel agency can often give you tips on the best activities to try and maybe even include them in your package deal.

Staying in some of the best all-inclusive family resorts during your trip can have other benefits for both adults and children. These types of accommodation often contain cribs and plenty of child-centered activities to keep younger family members occupied. This means that children will never be bored and will remain under proper supervision at all times.

While all this is happening, adults can also enjoy the benefits of taking advantage of this leisure time to relax or socialize with other guests staying in their accommodation. The best family resorts that include all inclusive will make sure that both adults and children are taken care of all the time so everyone has a great time during their vacation.

There are many benefits to making a family package reservation, ranging from financial benefit to practical; if you haven't had any packages before, this is one vacation option that might be worth a try.


How to make business travel easier for your family


Women in business who need to travel as part of their job face a problem

stay in touch with your children when they are on the road. Most jobs

women try to fit into a phone call along with a kiss for long distance sleeping and a few

even return home every time with gifts. Here are some strategies to make

that the telephone company & # 148; even better and less likely to break the bank.

Home away from home

Sometimes a business trip means visiting the same locations on a regular basis. If it is

In case you are photographing your hotel, the restaurant you frequent, and the fitness area

that you use while you are there. Young children have a hard time understanding what

business moms work when they are back; it is comforting to paint her in a real place

that I can see and think. Older children can enjoy maps of the area

or a map they can use to track your business trips; makes for great geography


Business Travel means Treasure Hunt!

It is often the most difficult time of day for children and dads when women in the business are not owned

is early evening, before dinner is ready. Everyone is tired and hungry, plus Mom

Home. Fill that space with a treasure hunt! Leave clues, look under the green chair

in the study & # 148; who send children from place to place until they find treasure

you hid yourself. (Be sure to tell your spouse where the treasures are hidden

in case the dog eats the trail.) These deals don’t have to be expensive.

The best treasures provide a welcome distraction that allows the father to prepare

evening meal and approaches everyone at the table with a smile. Try coloring book, kid

bouncing balls, toy figures, pipe cleaners or other messy craft supplies

younger children. Older children need less distraction but more joy. Leave

magazines, comics, a homework skip or a delay until late or a little

financial contribution to the new CD. A businesswoman who uses this advice can get it

Question, when is your next trip? & # 148; from children who are eager for another treasure


Business machines make it easy for kids to take a business trip

This advice works well for business women with older children. Give your family a fax

number at your hotel. Encourage your school-age children to fax you good news

from school or submit your homework for verification. Even if you can't

browse the materials until your children are in bed, you can still send the fax back

an answer that can be read before school the next morning. Email and the moment

messaging are also great ways to keep in touch.

Distort that phone call!

It's hard enough to get your kids talking about their day in a face-to-face discussion;

telephone conversations on a business trip can be even less satisfying. So,

use business skills and make strategic calls in advance. agree

previously, you'll be sharing a new joke every day; carry a joke book with you

so you're ready. Or plan to talk about an event that you know is going to happen

your child may be prepared with information to tell you. Everyone feels better when

that daily phone call is the most important point, not a deadlock.

Women in business can support a family during a business trip; you just have to

little resourcefulness and most businesswomen have this trait in preparation.

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an international women's leadership development company providing experiential

learning programs for women who want to succeed in work and life.

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Great family vacation tip


After deciding on a family vacation, you need to find great travel tips to help you pack exactly what you need and nothing more. You must first consider all ages of your family members so you can pack everything accordingly. It is important not to shake while trying to pack a vacation break. Start as soon as you discover you are going somewhere and avoid the rush.

All that is fun today requires a network cable. Pack a pad or separate cords for everything your family will need; MP3 players, iPods, handheld game systems and cell phones.

Start a family diary on a travel tip. Your family can write a diary while sitting at a hotel or while waiting for a flight. They can document some important tips they learned along the way in the journal, and you can think about it later, in years, or even on your next flight. You also need to bring some reading material for everyone in the family to read at the time; books, magazines, coloring books and activity books.

Everyone will need a bite in their bags and a bottle of water. It is easier to carry refillable water bottles than six packs of water. Snacks are easy to eat so you don't have to sit at a table or sit still while eating. The perfect snack to pack is a trail mix that you and your entire family can make together before leaving. Anyone can add what they like to the mix, and you can put ten in individual snack bags along the way. This will provide you and your family with energy while traveling.

Most kids who are used to sleeping will need to take it while traveling. Pack a small cushion that can fit snugly into your bag. The stores have cushions that can be bent and twisted for a comfortable fit while you sleep.

Keep everything simple and easy. Do not pack too many toys or clothing. Pack everything in lockable bags, as the seals won't leak and you can arrange everything. For example, all toothbrushes and pastes can be in one large zipper bag so they are easy to find or you can tick each bag each person will follow.

You can also pack your clothes in an individual bag every day so that each person will know which clothes to coordinate with. Shirts, pants, underwear and socks can all be put in one bag for easy dressing.

Flights are not always collaborative, especially during holiday travel, however, the best flight advice would be to prepare anything; delays, cancellations and other complications when traveling such as the weather. Listen to the time of the week before departure so you know what awaits you on your travels. Keep young family members entertained and busy while traveling so they are less anxious and you will not become more stressed.


It's a pleasant trip with family


When you go out with your family, it gives you great refreshment in relationships with family members. It's a wonderful joy compared to any other trip you've ever gone on. A picnic is necessary for a family to unite. It is a wonderful opportunity for a pleasant stay with your family members by climbing mountains, camping, hiking, walking at the zoo, enjoying playing on the beach. It helps you stop your daily routine and tasks and takes you to a wonderful planet where you don't have to be stressful or busy. You can enjoy as much as you like. If you have your own family at the time, you will feel happier.

Family tours create an evergreen memory. When you return to these pages in your album, you will travel on this occasion and you will feel real enjoyment. The children are the initiators of this journey and will be the happiest person in the family. They really like to spend time with their parents. It's not just about preparing food, staying together and sightseeing. It’s more about communication, sharing love and belonging. It also allows you to identify the blood relatives of your colleagues. Their knowledge, their thought process and you can advise a young man in your family regarding their life and career. You will be able to talk to them while you are out of all the tension while traveling. It will build a relationship and create a way for them to trust their relationships. What's more, you can enjoy outdoor activities such as traveling.

The beauty of nature warms your mind, making you stay in the fresh air. It also creates wonderful excitement and the mind relaxes. To make the trip lively, ask your family members to list the parties they want to work on and the games they like to play and any other activities that come to mind. Furthermore, you can sit down and create a wonderful fun list as you travel. Keep that list secret so you can get through the same excitement you get. The list of fun activities should be made according to age, preferences, requirements and preferences. It is important that you ensure that all your family members really enjoy it with personal satisfaction.

In order for you to have a wonderful family trip, you should start planning far before your travel date. Make everything perfect and edit all requirements so you don't miss anything. You can also do travel destination research and travel planning tips online. The internet has become a wonderful area providing any kind of information. You can find lots of holiday packages that are suitable for family travel. You can choose the best. You can also get sample travel planning documents. It would help by giving you tips to get started and prepare a nice trip plan.

God has built our lives with emotions, positive moments, and feelings that are nice to share and remember with our loved ones. So it is up to you to take advantage of the opportunities that God has blessed. Design a great and safe holiday schedule and spend the holidays with your family members. If you missed him now, he will be forever missed. Have a phenomenal tour!