Family Budget Trips

Traveling with family can still prove expensive; if you plan ahead and keep an eye out for deals, it may take a break that may not break the bank. Although accommodation, food and fun for the whole family can be quickly collected, you can save money in these areas. If you are traveling with children, […]

How to get the most out of your trip to Australia

So you have a large family, with a good wife and loving children. Hmmm … you might be thinking of traveling outside your hometown for something exciting and unique. What about a family trip down country? Wondering what that was? It's none other than Australia. Australia has long been known as the perfect destination for […]

Ways to organize a multi-person travel plan

It often happens that family members are quite close to each other, but for various reasons such as career, law or personal preference, it becomes difficult to find time to get to know one another. The increased hectic lives of people have made it extremely difficult to come together, and the rising cost of travel […]

Travel Planning Timeline for Friendly and Family Travel

The following represents the minimum advance time to plan your group's next trip. Follow this simple timeline and spare yourself and your travel group serious headaches in planning your trip. 3 to 6 months before departure Determine the leader, the master travel planner (the person of interest) for the trip Determine the type of travel […]

Real insurance for a French family vacation

France's diverse nature, surrounded by picturesque villages and hills, makes it the perfect place for hiking. Choose somewhere with easy terrain and lots of things to visit nearby, and you can have an idyllic – not to mention cheap – vacation, suitable for retirees as well as young children. Walking holidays, by their gentle nature, […]

Seven Family Vacation Ideas to Boost Your Summer Trips

It's that wonderful time of year when the school is nearing its end, the pools start filling up and people clean the backyard barbecue. We talk about summer, and with every summer discussion comes the need to discuss family vacation ideas. Sure, everyone prepares their home for all the social gatherings, barbecues and pool parties […]