How to make business travel easier for your family

Women in business who need to travel as part of their job face a problem

stay in touch with your children when they are on the road. Most jobs

women try to fit into a phone call along with a kiss for long distance sleeping and a few

even return home every time with gifts. Here are some strategies to make

that the telephone company & # 148; even better and less likely to break the bank.

Home away from home

Sometimes a business trip means visiting the same locations on a regular basis. If it is

In case you are photographing your hotel, the restaurant you frequent, and the fitness area

that you use while you are there. Young children have a hard time understanding what

business moms work when they are back; it is comforting to paint her in a real place

that I can see and think. Older children can enjoy maps of the area

or a map they can use to track your business trips; makes for great geography


Business Travel means Treasure Hunt!

It is often the most difficult time of day for children and dads when women in the business are not owned

is early evening, before dinner is ready. Everyone is tired and hungry, plus Mom

Home. Fill that space with a treasure hunt! Leave clues, look under the green chair

in the study & # 148; who send children from place to place until they find treasure

you hid yourself. (Be sure to tell your spouse where the treasures are hidden

in case the dog eats the trail.) These deals don’t have to be expensive.

The best treasures provide a welcome distraction that allows the father to prepare

evening meal and approaches everyone at the table with a smile. Try coloring book, kid

bouncing balls, toy figures, pipe cleaners or other messy craft supplies

younger children. Older children need less distraction but more joy. Leave

magazines, comics, a homework skip or a delay until late or a little

financial contribution to the new CD. A businesswoman who uses this advice can get it

Question, when is your next trip? & # 148; from children who are eager for another treasure


Business machines make it easy for kids to take a business trip

This advice works well for business women with older children. Give your family a fax

number at your hotel. Encourage your school-age children to fax you good news

from school or submit your homework for verification. Even if you can't

browse the materials until your children are in bed, you can still send the fax back

an answer that can be read before school the next morning. Email and the moment

messaging are also great ways to keep in touch.

Distort that phone call!

It's hard enough to get your kids talking about their day in a face-to-face discussion;

telephone conversations on a business trip can be even less satisfying. So,

use business skills and make strategic calls in advance. agree

previously, you'll be sharing a new joke every day; carry a joke book with you

so you're ready. Or plan to talk about an event that you know is going to happen

your child may be prepared with information to tell you. Everyone feels better when

that daily phone call is the most important point, not a deadlock.

Women in business can support a family during a business trip; you just have to

little resourcefulness and most businesswomen have this trait in preparation.

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