The family gathering tradition strengthens the tourism industry

Family family is a tradition that has been growing rapidly since 1999 and is now accelerating at a tremendous pace as technology and travel combine with family interest and genealogy making finding, communicating and meeting family members a fun and exciting time.

Family reunification planning has become a virtual industry in itself. Reunion planner families, such as wedding planners, are opening up to shopping outside of shopping. These planners offer more creative ideas for event enrichment. Many families gather in the nation's capital today to follow the timelines of history, tell family legends, and remember family names.

Others want to combine family reunion with an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. Note from one reconnection planner. "It's too much work to plan a family reunion at home! Between cooking and clutter cleaning, you have to plan and supervise activities. Not to mention cousins' concerns at their hotel after drinking too much." Many decided to send the family to an exotic place where catering staff provided all the needs. "With Family Cruise, there is no preparation for shopping, cooking and cleaning," said one member of the reunion planning committee.

Royal Caribbean International is introducing a new Royal Reunions program designed to enhance family and group gatherings. Organized group activities are managed by the shipping staff. Group members compete against each other in reunion-themed games.

However, family reunion mountaineers have the challenge of making the affair a meaningful enriching experience for the family. One site, Fimark's Family Genealogy and Reunions, located at, notes that "family reunion becomes a major event that goes beyond the holiday celebrations and picnics on July 4. In this purpose to see the need to develop products that will help them plan and organize local and remote gatherings in a way that brings the family line closer. "

Travel agencies saw the need to do the same thing as multi-generational family travel, and family reunification trips increased from 20 percent in 2000 to 34 percent just a year later.

A survey of 400 ASTA and members found that 67 percent reported booking accommodation for family reunions in the year of September 11, 2001, while 64.5 percent reported an increase in booking requests for family travel reunions the last five years. Noticing the increase in family travel, Sonesta launched the "Our Family Call Your Family" package.

From the above, the tourism industry sees how family-focused packages with traditional family reunion themes offer lucrative deals.