Things to consider when preparing for family trips

There are many ways you can help prepare your children for a family trip before leaving. If you provide them with some information to help them know your destination, it can go a long way toward solving the problem when they get there, and it might excite them in advance about the prospect. Encourage your children to participate in travel planning and where to go as often as possible.

Family Travel Books

One month before you leave, get as much literature as you can about the area you are about to visit. Get travel brochures, guides, books from the library – anything with pictures. Try to find books of legends or children's stories from the region. For a small child, even a travel brochure can be explained with pictures. You might be surprised how many sticks.

Family Travel Movies

There is nothing like a good movie to get kids excited about a place and give them a visual picture of what it will look like, so rent some videos or a DVD before you go. You can also watch television family travel shows and other TV shows about places you will visit.

Restaurants and excursions

Take your kids out to restaurants, go on family trips on weekends, take them for walks – briefly prepare them for family trips. You can introduce several different foods or flavors into your cooking and visit restaurants that offer cuisine to be exposed to during your trip. Although most young children will generally turn to when offered something new, they will sometimes try new food in a new country when served at a restaurant.


Attach a map of the region you are traveling to and place your older children to indicate where they want to go. While planning a family trip, you can mark the route on it.

Travel stories

Invite friends around to share their travel stories. You may need to choose people carefully to get stories that will capture your children's imagination instead of bored them to tears.

Language learning

Learning a local language can be helpful and enjoyable. Make it a fun and relevant activity like trying to talk in the language at a dinner table or using foreign words while driving in your car. It will help your children confidence if they can speak a few words, even if it is just a healthy one, goodbye, please and thank you. Children tend to choose languages ​​well, especially young children. No matter what effort they make, the native will appreciate them.


Check out the various family travel websites online and get as much information and tips as you can about where your family travel is. Tourist office websites are also a good starting point for information about the country you are visiting.

Here's to hoping that all of these travel tips will help you enjoy a comfortable family trip.